Ankle Therapy – Thermoskin Foot Stabilizer Black XXL

Physical therapists across the United States use Ankle therapy devices like the Thermoskin Foot Stabilizer to help improve ankle injury healing. It is well known that ankle injuries are one of the most difficult to heal and provide therapy for simply due to the way our ankles are constructed. The stress that our ankles undergo each day put a tremendous amount of stress on this very small body part.

Although this sturdy physical part of our body is strong, sometime injuries occur. And when the ankle is injured, just like any joint, keeping it solid and free from stress and movement is the first step for rehabilitation and proper healing.  This is where using a high-quality ankle support system such as the like the Thermoskin Foot Stabilizer is a key ingredient in healing ankle and foot injuries properly.

Some of the key features of the Thermoskin Foot Stabilizer include:

  • The Foot Stabilizer is a soft thermal foot orthotic designed to treat and prevent foot injuries
  • It Alleviates foot pain and helps prevent injuries with its vice-like effect by maintaining the mid-foot structure between the hind-foot and the forefoot
  • By supporting the mid-foot the Foot Stabilizer maintains the natural articulations of the foot
  • Provides compression and support of the mid-foot to minimize pain associated with mid-foot injuries
  • The Thermoskin Foot Stabilizer can effectively treat conditions such as: Achilles’ Tendonitis * Mid Foot Conditions * Sprains * Stress Fractures * Subtalar and Talocrural Joint Instability
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