EMS 1000 Plus – EMS Therapy to begin the healing process

When you are in a situation where you need to begin the healing process for muscle, joint and tissue pain, where do you start? Many people across the United States and even worldwide head to their doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors to relieve their pain through EMS therapy; a process where electrical impulses penetrate the muscles, tissues and joints to help rebuild these human elements, reduce pain levels and get people back on the positive daily track.

But, what would happen if you had access to this type of equipment at home? That would be a pretty proactive measure to relieve pain wouldn’t it?

Fortunately, there is a product which can allow consumers to do precisely this. The EMS 1000 – Muscle stimulator – is a dual channel device for muscle exercise and treatment of physical injury. It is fully adjustable with analogue dials that are hidden behind the front cover. This unit was designed by medical professionals to offer pain sufferers a home treatment option to begin the healing process. This product is also a great one for therapists, chiropractors and doctors to use to treat their patients at their professional medical facilities.

Here are some Technical Specifications:

Channels – Dual, isolated between channels

Wave Form – Asymmetric biphasic square pulse

Amplitude – 0 to 80mA each channel, adjustable peak into 500OHM Load each channel

Pulse Width – 250 Microseconds fixed each pulse

Frequency – 2 to 120 Hz, this is adjustable.


1. Synchronous(S).

2. Constant(C).

3. Alternation (A).

Timer:   1 to 30 seconds; adjustable for the user

Power Source – 9V DC square shape battery

Size – 60.5×24.5×95

Weight -140 grams (including battery).

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