Do You Provide Your Patient With Supplies?

For years I was practicing and concentrating solely on my specialty of chiropractic alone as my single source of revenue. I would see my patients, put together an effective treatment plan, and bill accordingly for the services that I was providing as a chiropractor.

I had always incorporated ancillary therapies into my treatment plans including home exercise, vitamins and nutritional products, pain management products and other items. These items were an integral part of my treatment plan as they supported the chiropractic work I was performing on the patient to help them achieve optimal health in the shortest amount of time. I found myself often recommending these products to patients, where they would then go out and purchase them from various suppliers (Walgreens, Sports Authority, online sites, etc.).

It wasn’t until an elderly patient approached me that needed my assistance in obtaining these items that I realized that I was simply creating extra work for my patients that I could provide for them right in my office. In sourcing suppliers of these items, I also realized the extensive markups on these products by the pharmacies and places I often suggested that they visit to purchase these products. Lastly, the compliance rate of my patient’s doing home exercise and treatments between visits increased dramatically as I was assured that the items had been obtained by my patients.

The by-product of all of this has been the creation of an additional revenue source that I had previously been creating for others. I have the option of either purchasing items at wholesale price and stocking in my office, or alternatively having patients order items directly from MY clinic website where the manufacturers drop-ship the products directly to my patients.

I now feel like I am providing a complete in-house chiropractic service encompassing much more than just what I had been taught in school.

In Good Health,

Dr. Jon

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