Target Coding and Marty Kotlar, DC, Teams up withTensnet! Chiropractic supplies, Chiropractic Webinars, Chiropractic Billing

We are pleased to announce many of our upcoming webinars will be performed by Marty Kotlar, DC, CHCC, CBCS,President of Target Coding. Our goal at is to provide the best education for all of our clients at no charge. Here are a few of our upcoming webinar topics from Marty Kotlar, How to Document Medical Necessity, Billing for Time-Based Codes, Medicare Billing and Documentation for Chiropractic Services, Medicare Billing and Documentation for Physical Therapy Services, How to Create a Treatment Plan, How to Properly Use Modifiers to Optimize Reimbursement, Acute Care vs. Wellness Care, DC-PT Integration, The ABCs of CPT for CMT & PT, How to Prevent the Most Common Billing & Coding Red-Flags. Please register at to look at our upcoming webinar schedule.

Look for upcoming webinars with Tensnet on Chiropractic Supplies and Products, Equipment, Physical Therapy integration, Billing, Coding, Physical therapy, Pt-Dc, and more.