Clinical Units

NOTE: A prescription is required by the FDA for all of the ElectroMedical Devices with the exception of those listed below unless you are a licensed healthcare professional or licensed reseller. Please fax your prescription to (888) 212-1537. You may also have your clinician send us an email as a prescription order to or fax it to us directly.

A prescription is NOT necessary to order Electrodes & TENS accessories.

Items where a prescription is not necessary include the TENS 7000 To Go and the TopTENS Pain Relief System

Combination Stim Units Combination Stim Units
12 products
Muscle Stim (EMS) Muscle Stim (EMS)
17 products
Microcurrent Microcurrent
6 products
Interferential Interferential
11 products
Galvanic Stim Galvanic Stim
3 products
Clinical Untrasound Units Clinical Untrasound Units
60 products
Russian Stim Russian Stim
10 products
Laser Therapy Laser Therapy
15 products
Infrared Light Therapy Infrared Light Therapy
2 products
Utility Carts Utility Carts
4 products
Intelect® Legend XT Accessories Intelect® Legend XT Accessories
10 products
Intelect® Transport Accessories Intelect® Transport Accessories
5 products
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