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Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Become a TENSnet Affiliate and earn $10 on every order placed by someone that you refer to TENSnet!

The TENSnet affiliate plan is easy. Simply sign up, receive a TENSnet banner that you can email to all of your associates offering them $10 off their first TENSnet order, and when they click on your banner to place the order, it tracks their order to you so that you receive credit for the commission. Once their initial order is placed by clicking through your web banner, all subsequent orders, no matter what site they come through, will be credited to you.

It's a fantastic way to create a residual revenue stream while helping others save money on their medical equipment and supplies.

Register to become a TENSnet affiliate today by clicking on the following link: REGISTER HERE

Once you register, you will receive complete instructions on how to obtain your affiliate TENSnet banner and access to manage your affiliate account.

Thanks you,

The TENSnet Team

Learn more about becoming a TENSnet affiliate by viewing the following video:

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